Strategic Position

Yicheng is a city in northwestern Hubei, under the administration of Xiangyang City. Xiangyang, a prefecture-level city, is surrounded by 4 provincial level regions — Hubei, Chongqing, Henan, Shaanxi. Placed in a strategic location, JK Industrial Park lends itself to being the gateway to central China and, in the long run, the rest of China. 

Large Addressable Market

Yicheng Economic Development Zone is located in southwest suburb of Yicheng City, within the Golden Triangle Zone — comprising of Yicheng, Xiangyang and Jingmen. The 4 neighbouring provinces make up a combined population of 240 million and a combined GDP of S$2.3 trillion, giving rise to tremendous opportunities for Singapore companies to tap onto the large Chinese market. 

Abundant Resources

Singapore companies are able to take advantage of the abundant resources and large quality labour available, resulting in competitive costs and reasonable wages. There are also many supporting industries — food materials, automobiles, machinery, power generation, textiles, technology and commodities — in the same vicinity. 

Excellent Transport Connectivity