Design & Concept

Integrated Design

Well-connected buildings and strong logistic management ensure smooth running of operations within the industrial park. Several industrial units are specially designed and selected for food processing usage. The segregation of the food processing area from the common area is done for hygiene purposes. With food safety being a huge concern in China, an accreditation (International ISO standard) and screening system is implemented to ensure quality food output from the industrial park. 


Being surrounded by natural greenery and the famous Liyu Lake, it is a natural choice to conceptualise the development as an eco-friendly industrial park. JK Industrial Park has adopted new construction techniques and a modern greenery system. Aesthetically-pleasing vertical greenery is added to the facades of buildings to reduce heat transmittance, filter dust and air pollutants and absorb noise. To cultivate a car-lite society, streets and roads within the industrial park are designed for cyclists and PMD users allowing seamless and efficient travel.

Open Community

JK Industrial Park welcomes local companies and international corporations to come together for potential collaborations. With world-class facilities and state-of-the-art buildings, this is the perfect venue for hosting large-scale international exhibitions and a test-bed new inventions and emerging technologies. Modern road networks and infrastructure in the developing region allow neighbouring industrial parks to be interconnected — forming a closely-knit community. This allows for knowledge transfer and resource sharing; stimulating innovation and growth in the region as a whole. 

Strong Government Support

Easy access to generous government policy packages due to strong ties with various government bodies.

One-Stop Platform

Cutting the red tape and providing professional advisory services to settle all regulatory issues.

Excellent Management

Operated by trusted Singapore team with highly-qualified management skills and expertise.

Human Centred Design

Prioritising mental health and well-being — a workplace where work and lifestyle convene.