Multi-Million Investment

JK Industrial Park is the most ambitious project to date undertaken by Legend Development. Constructed in the Yicheng Economic Development Zone as part of the Chinese Government-led multi-billion trade initiative, where initial investment amount to ¥1 billion (US $159.9 million). The joint venture is led by a consortium of Singapore and Chinese companies working in close collaboration with the Yicheng Municipal Government to help kick-start the shift to modern industrialisation, in hopes of revitalising the economy in Yicheng as well as creating new job opportunities. 

Unique Concept

The conception of JK Industrial Park is based on the amalgamation of technology, environmental protection and healthy lifestyle. Targeted at Singapore SMEs in the food processing industry and electronic information industry,  the key objective is to provide the facilities and expertise necessary for these companies to set up their businesses aboard. 

Unlimited Opportunities

Being a pioneer on many fronts — from smart nation solutions to water innovation — Singapore has established itself as one of the world’s strongest leaders in technology. With the well-regarded Singapore brand and the full support of the Chinese Government, the project aims to draw in approximately 30 tenants. In 2020, construction of the food processing and electronic production base will be completed, with an estimated annual output value of ¥5 billion (US $799.9 million) and 3,000 new job positions.